Who Benifits From This?

  There is a small portion of St. Louis called , “The Grove” The business owners were  perpetrated by the most brazen unkind people. These men walked thru the small business section of this area

We Didn't Start the Fire

Billy Joel is scheduled to play in St. Louis, tonight!   I love his song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” I remember trying to memorize the 119 events of world history, politics, foreign affairs

Changing of the Guards

The changing of the guards have just happened. A leader of the protesters on a mega phone turned to the nearby crowd and asked them to raise their hands if they were going to be there tonight...and then he aske

City Braces Itself for Riots as Stockley Verdict Comes Down in St. Louis

Ex-St. Louis cop, Jason Stockley, has been found not guilty in the death of Anthony Lamar Smith. Judge Timothy Wilson wrote in his ruling, "Missouri law requires that the trier of fact be 'firmly convinced

12 Years Later: Beyond Katrina, Harvey, and Now Irma

Hurricane Irma is pummeling through Cuba and heading to the Florida Keys. Today is Saturday.  It’s moving toward Florida and will hit sometime tomorrow. They believe it will be on the Southwest Coast, we will

Living Generously: A Patriot

Have you heard the phrase, “LIve To Give”? When I heard it, I knew that I was going to adopt it. Giving is a powerful tool. To give freely, without strings is even more potent. We are in times where so many,

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