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NHL Off-Season Mayhem

The NHL season is over, with the Pittsburgh Penguins claiming Lord Stanley by winning the series 4-2 over the Nashville Predators. For once in my life, I was cheering on Pittsburgh. I have never been able to gain much re

Legacy cemented: Penguins stay on top of hockey world with another Stanley Cup

Kevin Allen    The Pittsburgh Penguins, who won the Stanley Cup Final in six games, are the first team to win back-to-back titles since the Detroit Red Wings in 1998. USA TODAY Sports

Game 3 of Stanley Cup Final nearly perfect for Predators and NHL

Kevin Allen        With all of Nashville behind them, the Predators dominated Game 3 to win their first ever Stanley Cup Final game. USA TODAY Sports (Photo: Scott

Little sense to be made of Penguins' Game 1 win over Predators in Stanley Cup Final

ALEX PREWITT PITTSBURGH — Welcome, friend. Fancy a beer? Perhaps a catfish po’boy, provided your appetite didn’t dissolve after seeing all those piscine guts strewn across the ice? In any case, find

Stanley Cup 2017: Predators vs. Penguins predictions

The 2017 Stanley Cup Final will make history regardless of the outcome. The Pittsburgh Penguins could become the first team in 19 years to repeat as champions. The Nashville Predators, meanwhile, are looking to hoist the

Colton Sissons's hat trick sends Predators past Ducks into Stanley Cup Final

DEVON HEINEN Tim McGraw's "I Like it, I Love it" cascaded down from the rafters at Bridgestone Arena late in the third period Monday night while Predators fans celebrated Colton Sissons's hat trick a

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