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How the FCC's move on net neutrality could impact consumers

The Federal Communications Commission voted to dismantle Obama-era Internet regulations Thursday.   Net neutrality rules were repealed 3 to 2 – along party lines. The repealed regulates im

3 essential privacy settings for your Amazon Echo

People used to dream about robot secretaries. Futurists imagined a world where computers obeyed our every command. When the Amazon Echo hit the market, that dream became a reality: Alexa was obedient, personable and all-

Tech Q&A: Smart data plans, deflecting spammers, resume makeovers and more

Detect spy apps   Q: I think my wife put a spy app on my phone. She suspects that I am fooling around on her. How can I find it? A Message from Pottery Barn The Well-Made Bed With our ea

Incredible Netflix hack transforms your favorite movies and shows

Everyone loves a good life hack, especially when they are to do with Netflix.   With this in mind, everyone should thank Reddit user A_Alexandre who discovered Netflix has a category of programs that offer aud

This iPhone hack could save your kid's life

Not trying to be sensationalist — this hack really is essential for every kid to know. There’s a iPhone hack doing the rounds on Facebook that seems too important not to share. A Message f

5 digital tricks to help you through the holidays

December is a month of simple pleasures: evergreens in the living room, gingerbread in the oven, carols on the stereo. What could be better? But the holidays are also hectic, and technology affects every aspect of our

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