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Reptilian standoff brewing in Nevada

While it may not be Jurassic extinction, there is a fight brewing in Nevada over commercial reptile collections. State officials are pushing to propose a blanket ban on the practice after they say populations of native l

Yes, this is a dog

Dogs are being transformed into works of art at extreme pet-grooming competitions across the country. From Finding Nemo to incredible robotic dogs, these incredible creatures couldn't look more different from thei

Puppy abandoned in Las Vegas airport with heartbreaking letter

A three-month-old puppy was abandoned in a Las Vegas airport with a heartbreaking note explaining how the owner had "no other option" but to leave the miniature Chihuahua behind. Chewy was found over the wee

Loving a Bulldozer

Cassie is on the way to the Veterinarian to have her staples removed, and I must say, I couldn't be more relieved! She needed the surgery to remove a benign tumor; it was sticking out of her side like a big ole'

5 Reasons I’d Like to Be My Dog for a Day

Amy Sinatra Ayres If only we could all sleep like Grizzly, a 14-year-old chocolate Lab. As I’m packing the kids’ lunches, trying to meet a deadline and squeezing in a trip to the gym, my dog&nb

If you’ve noticed many seeming human traits in animals, you’ll want to read this

By Vicky Hallett  Picture this scenario: You and a co-worker are given a task to complete. The co-worker occasionally pretends to do something but leaves you with all of the drudgery. Now imagine that y

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