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Porn star August Ames commits suicide after bullying for not wanting to have sex with man who did gay porn

A porn star relentlessly bullied on Twitter after saying she did not want to have sex with someone who had shot gay porn committed suicide by hanging.   August Ames, a 23-year-old rising star in the adult film

Oscars org adopts code of conduct after Weinstein expulsion

NEW YORK –  The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science announced Wednesday that it has adopted its first code of conduct for its 8,427 members.   Film academy chief executive Dawn Hudson introd

What's next for Meghan Markle following Prince Harry engagement?

When Kensington Palace announced Meghan Markle was engaged to Prince Harry, many wondered if the American actress will eventually follow in his mother’s philanthropic footsteps. The late Princess Diana, crowned

Matt Lauer fired from 'Today' due to 'inappropriate sexual behavior' in the workplace

“Today” show co-host Matt Lauer has been fired from NBC due to inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. Lauer's co-anchor Savannah Guthrie was joined by Hoda Kotb to announce the news Wednesday

'Titanic' director James Cameron reveals why Jack 'had to die'

After all these years, “Titanic” fans finally know why Rose had to let go. In an interview with Vanity Fair, James Cameron answered the question fans has been asking for years — why didn’t

Julio Oscar Mechoso, character actor known for 'Seinfeld,' 'Miami Vice' roles dead at 62

Veteran character actor Julio Oscar Mechoso died Nov. 25 of a heart attack. He was 62. The Miami native, whose death was reported by the Miami Herald, made his screen acting debut in 1979 on the si

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