CRYPTO: How the heck do I buy Ripple?

It appears the seal has been broken on the crypto currencies market. For the outsider, “crypto currency” is a term that sounds similar to a villain in a Batman movie. To the insider, it is the future of value

Chick-fil-A hero gives needy man the shoes off his own feet

A man in Kentucky got some much-needed help from a generous Chick-fil-A patron early this week.   The needy gentleman had walked into the Chick-fil-A in Bowling Green in a pair of beat-up shoes which were bein

Doctor accused of spiking girlfriend's drink with abortion pill to kill unborn baby

A doctor’s on-and-off girlfriend said he spiked her drink earlier this year with a high dosage of abortion pills, killing their unborn baby.   Brooke Fiske told WROC that Sikander Imran, 3

This Disneyland limited-edition treat is so popular, people wait hours in line for it

Disneyland is known for its festive and over-the-top treats, especially around the holidays. But one item is so popular that park-goers will wait in multiple lines, often for hours, just for the chance to snag this limit

How the FCC's move on net neutrality could impact consumers

The Federal Communications Commission voted to dismantle Obama-era Internet regulations Thursday.   Net neutrality rules were repealed 3 to 2 – along party lines. The repealed regulates im

Seasonal flu kills more globally than previously thought, study finds

CHICAGO –  As many as 646,000 people are dying globally from seasonal influenza each year, U.S. health officials said on Wednesday, a rise from earlier assessments of the disease's death toll.  

Humanity's expansion into deep space is inevitable, industry experts say

There will be a market for humanity's expansion beyond Earth orbit, industry experts said — but none of them can predict what form that market will take.   The International Space Station, in low-Ear

FCC cans Net Neutrality. Underfunded Public pensions, Sectional Feminism, Slavery Then and Now and Russia - Collusion or Something More Sinister?

Net Neutrality is gone. Public pensions are underfunded by $6 trillion. I learn a new term (Sectional Feminism) and what it means. I discuss the conclusion of my series on slavery, and the saga of Russian collusion - o

AOTR New Time Same Attitude (aired 12/12/17)

Everything from Roy Moore to the failed NYC bombing Rick lays it on the line to bring you his perspective on the day's events

Behind Enemy Lines Radio - CNN: Counterfeit News Network

This week, we look at yet another bad news week for the liberal media, as CNN relied on "multiple sources" who all got a date of an email wrong - and then MS-DNC and CBS confirm the mistake - in a display of shoddy journ

We stand with Israel!

Today on The Blake Johnson Program:Riots erupt in the Middle East in reaction to Trump's decision. Is this the peaceful negotiations the "Palestinians" are talking about? The latest coverage of the U.S. Senate electio

Best of AoTR

We hope you enjoy this classic episode. Due to schedule changes oh the home station fresh content resumes soon

The Religion of Hate

Briefly talking about the lack of journalistic integrity from the mainstream media when it comes to President Donald Trump. Talk about Lindsay Vonn's spill this weekend. Talk about the double-standards of hate in the f

The #HollowNet: LIVE- The Arizona #GOP Implosion, Jerusalem's Identity Crisis & #NikkiHaley Rises Above

Welcome to The HollowNet LIVE Podcast on The Lanterns Media Network! Here together we hold the line against the night, and defend the republic against tyranny, division, and persecution, standing for the Constitution and

Put Up or Shut Up

All three Belles have returned for a brand new episode of The Belles of Liberty, just in time to talk about online bullying from the left and the hypocrisy that shows-- Why is Taylor Swift's opinion so important? Amendm

More allegations, Slavery, Tyranny, National Reciprocity, Russia and the election

More allegations of sexual misconduct and a look at my series on slavery. A government big enough to to anything FOR you is also big enough to do anything TO you. The House passes National Reciprocity and Trump reduces

AOTR W/ Guest Jessica Sanders 50 State Reciprocity For Concealed Carry

Is a reciprocal concealed carry permit recognized in all 50 states about to be a reality? Join Rick and Jessie from Jessie's POV as they discuss this and more

Bonus Episode with Riaz Patel

Wonderful and upfront discussion on how to move forward in the divided USA we all so love. Riaz and AJ talk about many clickbate issues in a respectful and fun way.

Fake News Abounds

ABC Fake News crashes the stock market Friday and the libs cheer. Tax Reform is apparently going to kill millions according to Dems. Trumps Travel Ban is upheld by SCOTUS but called a Muslim ban by the left.

#ChrisSalcedo and Oregon State Rep Julie Parrish Join #CommonSenseRadio

Fascinating hour to discuss the issues of the day!!!

The struggle is still real

On today's Blake Johnson Program: Kate Steinle's killer is acquitted of all charges, minus illegal possession of a firearm. What does this say about the justice system in the progressive land of California? Also, t

Lets Talk Healthcare with Guest Dale Bellis

LHS Executive director tells you why LHS may be a good option for you

GOP Tax Plan Passes, Now What?

GOP Tax Plan Passes, Now What? If you don't pay taxes, you won't get a tax cut! Making the best of the possible benefits of this tax plan. NFL has been reported to have used monies from Breast Cancer and Veterans fund

The #HollowNet LIVE: Is the #TrumpTaxPlan a Victory? Of Mergers and Men & #NetNeutrality

Welcome to The HollowNet LIVE Podcast on The Lanterns Media Network! Here together we hold the line against the night, and defend the republic against tyranny, division, and persecution, standing for the Constitution and

Justice is Not Served

The Belles are back from Thanksgiving break, but still minus a Belle-- On the topic of justice, it seems these days it isn't being served, despite all the signs it should be a slam dunk and it's a little bit concerning.

Parting Is Such SWEET Sorrow

The Boys Mourn the loss of a man's man, A man who was love; A man who was revered; A man who changed television forever ... Keith Olbermann of course! (What, you thought we meant Jim Nabors? May he rest in Peace). Also,

We're Back

Rick took a bit of a break due to a death in the family but he's back and more fired up than ever. He and his Co-Host Claude Talk the Steinle verdict and the abject failure of our justice system and more.

Atheists and prayer, sexual allegations, NK Missile program, the Bitcoin phenomenon and net neutrality

Atheists target a football coach - Sexual allegations seemingly fall apart on Roy Moore, but continue to leave a path of destruction among prominent figures. North Korea launches a true ICBM. We’ll discuss the Bitcoin

On Net Neutrality, Freedom, and Artificial Intelligence

Today on The Blake Johnson Program: What is net neutrality? Why is there an effort to undue it? Is that good or bad? And how does this tie into freedom? Blake delves into all of it with some perspective you don't want

Resultant Sexual Evolution

Judge Roy Moore Charlie Rose Sexual Deviancy in America Programmed by music, tv and movies to be infatuated about sex Partisanship driving indignation rather than unbiased ethics. Reviewing content from Jay Fayza @

The #HollowNet LIVE: #OperationEnduringGratitude

Welcome to The HollowNet LIVE Podcast on The Lanterns Media Network! Here together we hold the line against the night, and defend the republic against tyranny, division, and persecution, standing for the Constitution a

Rocket Man!!!

This Thanksgiving Day, The Boys try to explain the argument of the "illusion of video" from police body cams by "Civil Rights Groups"; The fact that you can go out into nature and the outdoors is because you are a white,


Check out Susan and AJ has they dive into the #MakeBelieveMedia. Tonights live episode covered Al Franken,GOP tax plan and the SAFE cities plan.

Can we be adults for just a split second?

On this episode of The Blake Johnson Program: President Trump throws another fit on Twitter, More sexual assault allegations and misconduct, Report: President Obama intentionally downplayed the al-Qaeda threat t

What Difference Does It Make?

Lavar Ball and ungratefulness! As we seek to find perceived justice for every wrong doing, we must ask those five (5) words asked by Hillary Clinton rather than accept responsibility for her negligence that lead to the

The #HollowNet Ep38 Has the Planet Gone Mad #APSRateHike #ZimbabweCoup #SaudiIsraeliCoalition

Welcome to The HollowNet LIVE Podcast on The Lanterns Media Network! Here together we hold the line against the night, and defend the republic against tyranny, division, and persecution, standing for the Constitution and

Taxation is Theft

The Belles are talkin' babies... Preventin' babies, babies causin' global warming and just plain baby hatin' babies... This week's Constitutorial is on the 16th amendment and hits home that taxation is theft and three ne

Nothing's Sacred

The Boys explore the flat earther convention that graced the local area, Trump's DOD Appointee accidentally tells the truth about his feeling on Guns and the second Amendment, and the US Navy attempts impressionistic art

#AoTR W/ @SocialClaude : Where Do We Go From Here?

So Al Franken is in the news for lewd acts, Roy Moore is Being defiant and we ask so where do conservatives go from here? Double standards abound from the media to social media and everywhere in between. We also talk tx

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