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Samsung just unveiled its new Galaxy S8 smartphone

After a tumultuous twelve months which saw exploding phones, a plummeting stock price and executive turnover, Samsung hopes to turn its fortunes around with its latest product offerings. At a press event in New York, Samsung officially unveiled th

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Monster riot vehicle revealed

Riot control police looking for cover now have a mobile wall that can follow them into dangerous situations. The Bozena Riot is a tactical vehicle designed by a Slovakian company that formerly specialized in demining equipment. The imposing machin

HIGHWAY HORROR: 12 dead, 3 injured in Texas church bus crash

DEVELOPING: –  At least 12 people were killed and three injured in a head-on crash Wednesday between a church bus and pickup truck in southwest Texas, officials said. Sgt. Conrad Hein of the Texas Department of Public Safety confir

The Pizza Lab: No-Roll, No-Stretch Sicilian-Style Square Pizza at Home

By Serious Eats [Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] I've recently discovered what is easily the best way to make pizza at home for a crowd. It's easy enough that you don't need any kind of stretching or rolling skills to shape the pie

RICH GET RICHER: Ivy League universities get billions from US taxpayers, report says

Over a six-year period, Ivy League schools have received tens of billions in tax dollars, bringing in more money from taxpayers than from undergraduate student tuition. In fact, they received more federal cash than 16 state governments. 


Despite the healthcare law fumble last week by the GOP, and President Trump’s woes concerning the so-called Russian connection, Democrats are still losing. They have lost and are losing votes, seats in both houses, governorshi

Former Obama Aide Admits Spying on Trump

Evelyn Farkus, former deputy assistant secretary of defense under Obama, confirmed DeepState spying on President Trump, surveillance of Trump, the unmasking intelligence leaks, and even the politicizing and leaking that collected informatio

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