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Hawaiian Chicken and Bacon Slow Cooker Sandwich

Thanks to our friends at Albertsons Companies & Star Market through Kitchen PLAY for sponsoring this Signature Hawaiian Chicken and Bacon Slow Cooker Sandwich!  These Hawaiian Chicken Slow Cooker Sandwiches are tangy, savory and

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5 Reasons I’d Like to Be My Dog for a Day

Amy Sinatra Ayres If only we could all sleep like Grizzly, a 14-year-old chocolate Lab. As I’m packing the kids’ lunches, trying to meet a deadline and squeezing in a trip to the gym, my dog is cozy in his bed, snoozin

Teenager gets verbally attacked for wearing a t-shirt and shorts on a hot day

A Texas teen was verbally attacked for wearing shorts and a t-shirt in 106-degree weather  (iStock) A Texas teen’s story has gone viral after claiming on Facebook that she was verbally attacked for wearing shorts and a t-shirt. M

Alligator charges man trying to take picture

The man approached the gator with his phone -- before the animal charged.  (Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports, File) A man in Florida made the mistake of getting too close to a gator not once but twice while trying to snap a picture of the beas

'QUEASY FEELING' Key Democrat questions Lynch's order to Comey

  Senate investigates Lynch's actions during Clinton probe Another prominent Democrat has come forward to voice concerns about allegations ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have sought to keep a lid on last year’s Hillary

OTTO'S FATE? Chilling video captures N. Korea torture techniques

    Otto Warmbier dies one week after release from North Korea Many detainees are tortured into confessing crimes they didn’t even commit. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the treatment of inmat

Harry Potter's 20th anniversary: Read the original review of 'Sorcerer's Stone'

Oh my Harry, how you have grown! Monday marks the 20th anniversary of the boy wizard's fictional debut in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - the book that started it all. (The book was later named Harry Potter

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