The Good Old Days: Cartoons from Days Gone By

Who can forget the rush of waking up on the weekend and racing to turn on the television? Saturday and Sunday morning were mine after a week of school and chores. While Mom was in the kitchen making breakfast, I was p

The Good Old Days: A Summer Day

Every generation owns its "Good Old Days" stories. Our parents and grandparents told us stories about their experiences of those days on many occasions. Their memories included living through the Great Depre

Hanover IL Pop 750 Night-time

It was a beautiful dark night in Hanover, IL. The old homes are shrouded in darkness with only the front room lights filtered by curtains or drapes from a bygone era. The streets are lined with old wooden poles with ligh

Hanover IL Pop 750: The Torch of Kindness

Chicago is a eat or be eaten city. New York is hustle, bustle, get of the way or get run over. Hanover is a place where people you would think have had their lives destroyed when a factory was bo

Hanover IL Pop. 750 Pt. 2: I Have Entered the Twilight Zone

My drive to Hanover was a peaceful, quiet one. I knew I was leaving the area of major cities when I started seeing farms and livestock dotting the horizon. The flat highway was now rolling road hills and winding curves.

Dogs for the Depressed and Anxious: Bailey's Homecoming

In the USA in 2015 according to, an estimated 40 million people suffer from various forms of depression and anxiety. I am one of those people. I've spent a lot of money on doctors, counselo

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