This Day in History - January 3

January 3 106 BC – Roman author and statesman, Marcus Cicero is born 1496 – Leonardo da Vinci unsuccessfully tests a flying machine 1521 – Martin Luther is excommunicated from the Roman Catholi

This Day in History - January 2

January 2 366 – The Alamanni cross the Rhine River invading the Roman Empire 1492 – King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella’s Catholic forces take Granada, the last Muslim kingdom in Spain 1570

This Day in History - January 1

January 1 45 B.C. – New Year’s Day is celebrated for the first time in history when the Julian calendar takes effect 630 – The Prophet Muhammad sets out toward Mecca with the army that will captur

This Day in History - December 31

December 31 406 – 80,000 Vandals, Alans, and Suebians cross the Rhine at Mainz, beginning an invasion of Gallia 1384 – English theologian, John Wycliffe dies 1600 – Queen Elizabeth I grants a f

This Day in History - December 30

December 30 1460 – The Duke of York is killed by forces under Henry VI, at the Battle of Wakefield during the Wars of the Roses 1703 – Nearly 37,000 die in an earthquake in Tokyo 1803 – The US

This Day in History - December 29

December 29 1170 – Thomas Becket, the archbishop of Canterbury, is murdered in Canterbury Cathedral by four knights of Henry II, on orders of the king 1607 – John Smith’s life is spared because of

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