Polish metal band members arrested on suspicion of kidnapping after show

Members of a famous Polish death metal band were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a woman after a Washington concert last month, authorities said. The four members of the band Decapitated were arrested Saturday in

Troy Gentry memorial to be hosted by Grand Ole Opry

A public memorial ceremony will be held Thursday at the Grand Ole Opry for Troy Gentry, a member of the popular country music duo Montgomery Gentry, who died in a helicopter crash in New Jersey on Friday. Fifty-year-o

Country stars at odds

1. Zac Brown vs. Luke Bryan Reuters The Zac Brown Band lead singer of the same name called Luke Bryan's single"That's My Kind of Night" the "worst song I've ever heard.

Walter Becker, Steely Dan co-founder, dead at 67

Walter Becker, guitarist and the co-founder of band Steely Dan, died Sunday, his official site announced. He was 67 years old.   The announcement did not reveal Becker's cause of death. Donald

Rocker denies charge

The lead singer of the rock band Tantric is disputing charges that he sold used cars in Massachusetts without a license.   Police this month charged Hugo Ferreira with multiple complaints including forgery of

Not Just Another Saturday in Tiny Town IL

It was just another quiet Saturday afternoon at the store in my quiet little town. I was enjoying a burger, rings, and a soda. A few people popped in during the day and offered some light conversation while they looked a

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