Tim Allen 'overwhelmed' by fans' push to bring back 'Last Man Standing' after 'Roseanne' backlash

Tim Allen is feeling inspired by fans who have recently begun petitioning again for a "Last Man Standing" revival.   "Last Man Standing" fans called on ABC to bring back Allen's show af

Mira Sorvino tells Dylan Farrow she believes her sexual abuse claims against Woody Allen

Academy Award-winning actress Mira Sorvino penned an open letter to Dylan Farrow stating she believes the sexual abuse allegations Farrow made against her adoptive father, Woody Allen.   Sorvino began her lett

Trump-bashing 2018 Golden Globes' ratings down from 2017

Although the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards have been the talk of the entertainment industry, American viewers weren’t tuning in with the numbers that NBC may have hoped.   According to a report from&nb

Prosecutors won't charge Roman Polanski after molestation report

Los Angeles prosecutors will not bring criminal charges against Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski after a woman said he molested her in 1975 — when she was 10 years old — because the allegations are too o

The Hypocrisy of Natalie Portman at The Golden Globes

Last night Natalie Portman slammed the Golden Globes for not being inclusive enough to women, which perfectly showed how hypocritical Hollywood can be when people online revealed that Portman supported to free a former H

A Golden Globes Preview: Hollywood Hypocrisy on Full Display

Hollywood hypocrisy will be taken to new heights this Sunday at the Golden Globes as the residents of La La Land begin their self-worshiping season celebrating over-inflated egos and dismal box office returns.  T

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