Drug czar pick Tom Marino withdraws after opioid report

President Trump’s pick for drug czar, Rep. Tom Marino, has withdrawn from consideration following allegations he helped water down legislation and weaken the Drug Enforcement Administration’s ability to go af

Second Amendment Cake – Part Two

In Part One I looked at the old adage “You can have your cake and eat it too” and compared it to a sort of proverb I saw on social media. There is probably not a more divisive issue in this nation these days

The Modern Myth of the Assault Rifle

Everyone is horrified at the senseless violence of the Las Vegas shooting.   Politicians, celebrities, and mainstream media are playing the blame game, pointing fingers at President Trump, the NRA, and the f

Trump touts ObamaCare executive order as boon to millions, end of Dems' 'windfall'

President Trump touted his executive order on ObamaCare that attempts to lower premium costs for younger Americans and others while cutting off federal subsidies to insurance companies, saying their “windfall&rdquo

A good economy is bad for tax cut chances

On the roster: A good economy is bad for tax cut chances - Twitter flips, will allow Blackburn pro-life ad - Trump hikes pressure on NAFTA in meeting with Trudeau - House delays vote on kids’ insurance program

If You Complained about Barack Obama Are You Okay With This From Donald Trump?

Many mornings, in order to get a handle of the outrage du jour, I try to check President Donald Trump's Twitter musings. October 10th was no exception when I saw this Tweet from his account: "Since Congress can&

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