GOP tax bill: No changes to 401(k), doubles deductions for middle class, limits state and local tax

House Republicans on Thursday unveiled their long-awaited tax bill which preserves the popular 401K retirement account, lowers rates for many individual households but trims deductions for state and local taxes.  


In Part One, I discussed the infringement of our rights by government, and in many ways, it is the same as putting a frog in cool water and then slowly heating it.  In Part Two, I looked at the danger of being

Mark Zuckerberg and liberals seek to weaken bail system that keeps us safe

For any liberal to entertain winning the Democratic nomination for president these days, there are some important boxes to be checked, including taking on America’s system of law and order. Now Facebook CEO Mark Zu

ICE to target employers who hire illegal immigrants

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is prepared to criminally prosecute illegal immigrants in the workplace, as well as those employers who hire them. "While we focus on the criminal prosecution of employers

Tax cuts can't go far enough because Congress won't tackle entitlement abuse

The Senate has passed its version of the annual budget resolution, which would permit a simple majority to pass a 10-year tax cut of $1.5 trillion. That’s a modest amount – only about three-quarters of 1

What Trump has said about Comey — from having 'guts' to being a 'nut job'

From his handling of a probe into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to his investigation into Russian meddling in the election, former F.B.I. Director James Comey has long been a punching bag for President Donald

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